Good morning ☀️ a little bit about me

Those of you who don’t know me, I absolutely love my job! It doesn’t even feel like work.. I enjoy everything about it.. now some people give me a funny look when I say this 😳 let me tell you…..

I first started my beauty training many years ago, lashes, nails, waxing (which I fell in love with) tanning… you know – and it wasn’t until I was working in the industry, I was doing lots of nails, lashes, tanning and even massage, not very much waxing at all… and I thought 💭 how am I going to be the very best waxer if I offer all these other services 💭 like the saying… jack of all trades master of nun

Then I decided to start my own business and offer Just Waxing 🤗 this meant I was able to concentrate on Just Waxing and being able to provide the very best waxing experience for clients… clients know that when they come to me, all I do is waxing, all day every day, many years now 😎

Hope you all have a great and happy day today ☀️

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